Ophthalmic Equipments

Indirect Ophthalmoscope Halogen

CAT No. KL-19.011
Halogen Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope is an excellent instrument for all standard applications, as well as with uncooperative pediatric patients & in cases where the papillary diameter is less than 4mm. The need for pupillary dilatation is virtually obviated when using the SPF-capability of this dual purpose clinical instrument.

Has all pupil feature, Brilliant halogen illumination, Stereo optical system,
Cobalt Blue and Green Filters, Compact and light weight Instrument, Simple controls for adjusting the headband, Inter-pupilary distance adjustable from 50-75mm

CAT No. KL-19.010 F.O. Indirect with D-594 Light Source & C-450 F.O. Light Cable
CAT No. KL-19.020 F.O. Indirect with C-594 Light Source & C-450 F.O. Light Cable

Gonioscope 3 Mirror

CAT No. KL-20.060
3 Mirror is ideal for anterior chamber as well as central and peripheral fundus viewing and treatment. Central portion of the lens also provides direct observation of the central portion of the posterior pole.

This lens has three mirrors angled at 59 deg, 66 deg and 73 deg and arranged at 120 deg intervals to permit viewing of the fundus and anterior chamber angle. The posterior pole is also observable through the central axis of the lens.

1. Made in glass.
2. Medium Position Contact required.

Aspherical Lens

CAT No. KL-20.010
14D provides high magnification along with an optimized working distance from the cornea.

CAT No. KL-20.020
20D diagnostic/laser lenses is perfectly corrected for field curvature, astigmatic aberrations

CAT No. KL-20.030
30D is designed to provide the practitioner a wide field of view with a short working distance.

Aspherical Lens

CAT No. KL-20.040
60D provides high magnification - making it ideal for detailed disc and macular viewing.

CAT No. KL-20.050
90D lens started the slit lamp examination revolution. With a small 26mm diameter dynamic fundoscopy.

CAT No. KL-20.100
78D is an excellent general diagnostic lens designed for use within the range of motion of all slit lamps.

Gonioscope 4 Mirror

CAT No. KL-20.090
4 mirrors angled at 62 deg help in viewing all quadrants of the anterior chamber without rotation. The small contact surface of 9 mm diameter makes the lens very convenient to use.

1. Detachable Handle (can be fixed straight or at an angle).
2. Useful for both diagnostic and dynamic Gonioscope.
3. Made in Quartz Glass.
4. Contact medium not required.


CAT No. KL-32.010
Keratometer is the world wide standard for manual measurement of corneal curvatures. Measures concave surfaces for contact lens fitting. Both major and minor meridians can be measured once the major axis is located. Easy elevation and lowering allows quick patient positioning. Other features include engraved focusing scale, coincidence focusing system, single position measurement in both meridians.

Coincidence Focusing System, 15x Eyepieces, One Position Instrument. Measure Both Meridians Without Changing Optical System, Simple Vertical Adjustable Head to Fit Patient, Astigmatic Axis 0 to 180 Degree, Dual Eye Level Sighting System, Diopter 36 - 52 (in 0.25 steps), Paint Finish : Black Or White, Supplied in Hard Thermocol Box.

Lensometer External Reading

CAT No. KL-18.010
Manual Lensometer combines the traditional features you would expect, with innovative advantages, such as LED illumination and cord-free battery power.
The cool-running, energy-efficient LED light source provides a clear green illumination target, and virtually maintenance-free operation.
Battery operated and completely cordless, the KL-18.010 Manual Lensometer gives you the freedom of mobility without any clutter. The KL-18.010 low-power consumption and auto sleep feature ensure long battery life.

CAT No. KL-18.020 Lensometer Internal Reading

Ophthalmoscope Direct May

CAT No. DP-2205
World Famous Ophthalmoscope set at a budget price for Physicians and Students. 2.7v standard Illumination for use with 2 cell batteries.

May Ophthalmoscope Head : Pin Contact fitting. Lens Selection wheel permits choice of corrective lenses from 0 to +20 and 0 to -20 Diopters. Single Large circle aperture.
Battery Handle : 28mm Dia for 2 C-cell batteries. Chrome Plated with thumb wheel for securing pin contact heads. Rheostat for adjustment of Illumination. Complete in Pouch or Hard Deluxe Blue Case.

Ophthalmoscope Director

CAT No. DP-2202
2.7v Halogen Light for True tissue color and consistent, long lasting illumination 24 color coded Lenses -25 to +40 Diopters for excellent resolution (Green for +, Red for -). Rubber Eye Brow rest to prevent scratching of Eye Glasses Illumination lens dial for clear Identification of Diopter setting. Supplied in a semi-rigid nylon bag and Hard Deluxe Blue Presentation Case.

Ophthalmoscope Head : 2.7v Halogen Light for true tissue color & consistent, long lasting
Illumination 24 color coded Lenses -25 to +40 Diopters for excellent resolution (green for +,
red for -). Rubber Eye brow rest to prevent scratching of Eye glasses. C size Battery Handle

Ophthalmoscope Direct Superb

CAT No. DP-2207
2.5v Ophthalmoscope unique aspherical Optic system eliminates corneal and iris reflexes. The Illumination area of the retina remains fully visible even in case of small pupil (bright light). DP-2207 Ophthalmoscope has 6 diaphragms with separately interlocking “green interferential filter. It is recommended for small or expanded pupils; suitable for slit or fluorescent Ophthalmoscopy as well as for Fixation test.

Illumination type: Big spot, Small spot, Red free, Central net, Slit, Half spot filter.
Diopter compensation: 0 ±1 ±2 ±3 ±4 ±5 ±6 ±8 ±10 ±12 ±16 ±20 -25 Diopters.
Power Supply: 1.5V×2 ( C type batteries)
Battery handle: Steel

Slit Lamp Microscope

CAT No. KL-23.020
Slit Lamps utilize high quality Optic, providing clarity and detail that will surprise even me most discriminating operator. The XYZ joysticks, convenient controls, and ergonomic design, combined with top quality materials and meticulous assembly, ensure year of comfortable, enjoyable use. The outstanding optical Performance, features and quality make the Kashmir Surgical series comparable to the world's elite lamps.

CAT No. KL-23.010 Slit Lamp Microscope Zoom
CAT No. KL-23.020 Slit Lamp Microscope Economy
CAT No. KL-23.060 Slit Lamp Microscope Stepper
CAT No. KL-23.070 Slit Lamp Microscope Super


CAT No. KL-35.010
Offers a multi featured Synoptphore for the diagnosis and treatment of squint diseases. A built in after image device employs the special pair of after image slides provided. Abnormal retinal correspondence can be detected by using these slides, coupled with the intense light source obtained by rotating a switch on the base. All models feature with a wide I.P.D. Range. Chinrest movement suitable for patients of all ages; breath shield; down ward sloping endless for the tiniest of children's easily cleaned optical tubes; large easily read scales; an Internal transformers And voltage selector.

1. Excellent Diagnostic and Therapeutic Instrument for Squint (or) strabismus,
2. Angle management.
3. Binocular Vision. Angle of Deviation measurement.
4. Auto flashing device, after image test and Haidinger brush.

Streak Retinoscope

CAT No. KL-11.050
Streak Relinoscope is exceptionally bright. It is a Streak and Spot Retinosocpe in one and is converted by simply changing the bulb. Retinoscope with C Size battery handles in case or zipper pouch packing.

Rotation and Vergennes movements independently operated for those who prefer separate controls.
continuous 360 degree rotation for easy and accurate positioning of streak for axis determination.
Smooth vergennes movement operated conveniently and easily by the column control.
Dynamic retinoscopy option with near fixation target.
Bright, well defined streak for easy detection of reversal point.
Ring rheostat for smooth and easy control of illumination and all round accessability.

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